Red Barn Lane, Billinge

A couple of photos from Red Barn Lane, Billinge over the past two days .....

Also I keep forgetting to mention the non-bird species I see, how can I forget that weasel running across the path or the brown hares lolloping in the fields or the teeny baby rabbits!

Speaking of babies I saw some fledged robins and blackbirds

Anyway here are some bird photos ....


Paul B 


  1. Cracking photos Paul, especially the wheatear.

  2. Nice photos. One place I never go this, is it a good spot?Ive not seen ny hares this year, everytime I go out with the camera im hoping to get a close up but never do!

  3. Thanks fo rthe positive comments.

    Red Barn Lane is worth a couple of hours especially as though I can walk there!

    3 species of owl plus the odd migrant at this time of year = whinchats, yellow wags, white wags and wheatear

    I often combine it with Billinge Hill when I have a spare 6 hours!

    Paul B