An unexpected find

Stopped if at the sewage works nr Simms Rd, Garswood as I'd visited last year when it was fairly new I think.

Last year there were a couple of muddy sludge pools which looked like they may attract an sandpiper but I didn't visit often enough.

One of the settling beds was planted with reeds but this year they don't seem established enough to hold any warblers.

Upon visiting today I could see lots of swallows and house martins whilst reed bunting, yellowhammer and skylark could be heard - a nice start.

A scan of the adjacent fields revealed a couple of lapwing and an oystercatcher which turned out to be part of the safest nesting pairs in the county, as they are behind an 8 ft fence!

Just then a couple of duck flew over which were tempting to dismiss as mallard but turned out to be a pair of shoveler! Where had they come from? I found out later as behind these works is a large reed lined pool with dead trees and established willow scrub, looks good for flycatchers.

Here is a rough location


  1. Your map is a little bit wrong, Paul. It's actually Winstanley Rd at that point. Confusing I know as it changes to Ashton Road further up the hill then back to Winstanley Rd again after that :-)

  2. Hi Dave, the map is correct but its my road naming thats wrong! Apologies all.