Spotted this afternoon, a squirrel moving house carrying her young in her mouth across Leach Lane, Sutton Manor. 

Victoria Roberts

Sankey brook

Sighting from Sankey brook 7am this morning.
Tufted duck , 2 male 1 female.
Pheasant 1 male 1 female.
Pete Kemp.


Brimstone butterfly spotted at Grange valley school this afternoon.
Pete Kemp.

Havannah flash

Canada goose 15.
Also spotted a Stoat running across the path, plus several Grey squirrels.
Pete Kemp.

Red Admiral

Spotted a Red Admiral this morning in the rain, think it was disturbed from the shed as I got the car out. (Early sighting ).


Havannah flash very quiet this morning.
I realised this morning how aggresive Magpies can be, I observed three fighting on the path, two had the third one pinned down on its back, pecking away at it with feathers flying everywer, just not giving up.
Just wondering if this was their way of getting reading for breeding, ( sorting themselves out)?
Pete Kemp.

Havannah flash

This morning 7_30am.
Water levels very high.
Canada geese 2.
Mute Swan 2.
Cormorant 1.
Goldfinch 15 +
Buzzard 1.
Pete Kemp.