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To report a sighting on the St Helens Birds and Wildlife blog, simply send an email to:

sightings @ outlook .com (without the spaces)

This email will automatically appear as a new post on the blog. The title of your email becomes the title of the blog post, and the body of your email, the body of the blog post. Don't forget to put your name on the bottom of your email, otherwise the post will be anonymous. Don't worry if you make a mistake - this can always be changed later by an admin.

You can post anything wildlife related that you think will be of interest - the only exception to this is the locations of breeding birds and their nests and in particular Schedule 1 species which are listed here...

If you would like to post to the gallery/out of area tab or have any questions/comments, please contact


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  2. 13th October 2016 1530hrs Between Windle Brook and East Lancs Rd there is a small circular pond lined with phragmites. In full view and easily identifiable with eye and then Swaroski"s a bitterness rose from the reeds and circled before departing to the east towards Rainford by pass. Stephen Murphy

  3. Bittern of course predictive text S Murphy

  4. Roe Deer in a field beside Chapel Lane Rainhill yards from the linkway at 4:20pm