Lake District

Just back from a weeks birding in South Lakes (3 lifers for the week) but wanted to put people on to a fab bit of woodland I have had so much success with finding woodland migrants.  Its White Moss Common from the car park there.  It lies between Rydal and Grasmere and is off the main road.  Within 20 metres either side of the foot bridge that crosses the River Rothay I had Pied Flycatcher, Spotted Flycatcher, Redstart, Garden Warbler and Wood Warbler plus the usual other woodland birds including Marsh Tit, Blackcap and Grey Wagtail.  The short walk out onto fells holds pipts and I heard a Cuckoo and there is Green Woodpecker in the woods too.

As ever with these things pick your times, I went twice and early-ish morning (before 11) and late afternoon (4pm) it has fewer people around so the birds are more forthcoming and there are 3 or four of each species in this small expanse.  Here's a few pictures.

I also got decent views of an Osprey and Red Kite at Esthwaite Water.  Two pair of Osprey are breeding there and use the lake to feed, although I didnt see that, I did get far better views of one perching on last years nest than I would have done at Bassenthwaite.  When the eggs have hatched and the adults are feeding regularly just sit outside at the cafe and you should see something.  Its the Esthwaite Water fishing place just out of the village.

I came across this Tawny Owl just perching.  I believe it may have been hunting as the previous night it had rained right through.

Finally a distant shot of a Marsh Harrier carrying food at Leighton Moss unfortunately the pass to the female couldn't be seen.

Newton Lake

Birds present this morning included 7 Gadwall, 4 Mute Swan and a brood of 5 Canada Geese

D Broome

Old coach road, Dairy Farm Road, Inglenook Farm lap

The shelduck landed in a field between Dairy Farm Road and Sidings Lane. Ten of the eleven wheatear where in a ploughed field right at the end of Dairy Farm Road, and the four yellow wagtail were flying around together over a field that was being ploughed near to Moor Game Farm.

Along the Old Coach Road a bird briefly landed on the grass and then flew back to a tree the moment it saw me. In the split second view I had it struck me as extensively red and I couldn't immediately ID it. It was too small for a bullfinch or a crossbill, and too red for a chaffinch or a robin. I waited for ages for it to come back but I didn't see it again - how annoying! Probably just a Scarlet Rosefinch or Mousier's Redstart or something!!

Shelduck 2
Yellow wagtail 4
Wheatear 11
Common Whitethroat 3
Yellowhammer 6
Tree sparrow 9
Willow Warbler 1
Goldcrest 1
Oystercatcher 4+
Stock dove 6
Linnet 4

Hare 3
Stoat 1

Damian P

Havannah flash

Short walk around the fash this afternoon

Cormorant 1 over
Lapwing 2 
Grey heron 2 on Sankey brook
Buzzard 1
Coot 1
Mallard 2
Swift 10

Havannah flash

My first sighting of Swifts today over  Havannah  flash

Swift 2
Buzzard 2
Mallard with six young Sankey brook

Newton lake

Short visit this morning 7am
Mute swan 4
Canada goose 2
Mallard 20
Coot 4
Moorhen 3
Wren 2