Found these little chaps while out walking my dogs, the mother was killed by farm machine cutting to close to the hedgerow they are now in the safe hands of the local vet. Hedgehogs are now in big decline so hope these two make it.

Havannah flash/Cooperlane

Birds seen this morning.

Fieldfare 10
Redwing 30
Canada geese 40 over
Nuthatch 1
Mallard 6
Woodpigeon 200 plus

Ste B.

Eccleston Mere

Siskin 30+ in the trees along the stream
Bullfinch 1f
Grey Wagtail 1
Mute Swan 9
Goldcrest 1
Kingfisher 1

Damian P

Moss Lane

Redwing 2 over
Tree sparrow 3
Yellowhammer 9
Common Gull 20+
Pied wagtail 25+
Goldfinch 30+
Greenfinch 2
Lapwing 5

A raven flew over my house this morning too.

Damian P

House Sparrow flock

A minimum of 70 House Sparrow were present today by Morrisson's store off Boundary Road, St. Helens, in Bramble, Roses and Hawthorn on the steep banking overlooking the car park nr the petrol station. Also a Goldcrest and a Bullfinch there.

Goldcrest in Victoria Park this afternoon

D Broome