Few hundred Geese over Haydock this morning 0-8 15 ( Pinks) also around 20 Redwing along Cooper lane Haydock plus one Buzzard.
Pete Kemp.


Several large skeins of Geese ( possible Pinks) totaling several hundred seen over Haydock at  7-45am this morning, heading East.

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Observed this morning around Havannah flash area.
Redwing 50.
Grey partridge 10.
Pinks 100 over.
Mute Swan 2 over,( large cygnets ).
Pete Kemp.

Havannah flash

Observed the following this morning as I walked through the Flash.
Canada geese 40 over.
Pheasant 6.
Mute Swan 1,( large cygnet ).
Stoat or a Weasel 1, not sure which? briefly seen.
Pete Kemp.


Large amount of Pipistrelle bats observed as I walked along Cooper lane footpath tonight at dusk .
Pete Kemp.

Havannah flash

Birds observed on the flash this morning.
Grey heron 2.
Buzzard 1.
Teal 10. Sankey brook.
Mallard .
Moorhen .
Grey wagtail 1.
Plus the large amount of Carrion crows/ Jackdaws at first light coming from the South, heading North.

Pink-footed Geese

October 1st - 4th

Smallish flocks (or more probably a flock) of wild geese flying low over Penny Lane (Collins Green, Burtonwood) after sunset and before sunrise every morning this week. Around 40 - 50 of them. They usually fly from the Haydock/Carr Mill direction each morning and in the opposite direction each evening but this morning (Thursday October 4th) they were heading towards, rather than from, Haydock/Carr Mill.

Pretty sure they are Pink-footed but have only seen them very briefly each time, and without binoculars. Would love to know where they are feeding if anyone knows. 

Graham Mercer