Fiddle Pond

2.30 pm, Jan. 25th 2018 - 60 Lapwings seen on far bank of "Fiddle Pond" (opposite Fiddle I'th Bag Inn on Alder Lane, between Burtonwood and Winwick).

Graham Mercer

Cooper lane

Following birds observed while walking along Cooper lane footpath Haydock.
Tree creeper 1
Yellow hammer 1
Bullfinch 2
Nuthatch 2 
Also Goosander seen on Sankey canal along Havannah flash. ( Male).
Pete Kemp.

Eccleston Mere

I've not been out for ages but had a bit of rare spare time today. It was quite depressing walking around the Mere, lots of trees and gorse has been removed since I was last there, presumably to make it more windy for the boats.


Willow tit 3

Little Grebe 4

Bullfinch 1 male

Nuthatch 3

Siskin 5

Pochard 1 male

Gadwall 5 male 3 female

Mute Swan 10-15

Harris Hawk 1 (on the arm of a fisherman)

Coot too many to count!


Damian P

Havannah flash

Nuthatch 2
Tufted duck 1m 2 f Sankey brook.
Teal 20.Sankey brook.
Kestrel 1.
Grey wagtail 1.
Goldfinch 10.
 Family of Mute swans still on the flash, 2 adult plus ,7 juvenile.

Havannah flash

Two Cormorants over and one Buzzard around Havannah flash this morning.
Pete Kemp.

North Florida, Haydock

Approx 2000 Woodpigeon and at least 13 Skylark on stubble this morning, close to Haydock Lane

Cooper lane

Two large Skeins of geese seen flying overhead this morning as I walked along Cooper lane footpath Haydock, possible Pinks.
Pete Kemp.

Cooper lane

Kestrel observed along Cooper lane footpath Haydock this morning at first light.
Pete Kemp.