A few records from Billinge Hill

A few forwarded sightings from C Darbyshire


March 19th … first Chiffchaff of the year singing on SW corner of Billinge Hill landfill.

March 30th … Psychoides filicivora moth larvae on Hart's Tongue Fern by SW landfill path.

April 8th … pr Bullfinches in regular breeding territory by SW of landfill.

April 10th … first 2 singing Willow Warblers on Billinge Hill.

April 10th … Raven, pair with suspected fledged juv flying west over SW corner of landfill 10.25 hrs.

April 14th … 9 singing Willow Warblers + 2 Chiffchaffs on Holiday Moss, and 2 prs Teal on pools by NE corner.

April 14th … a distant large raptor seen from Kings Moss village, probably circling over Higher Lane, Rainford, at 1805 hrs, by myself and Arthur Whittle : views suggested an Osprey (definitely NOT a Buzzard), but mentioned just in case there was any Osprey seen about that time in your area.

April 17th … Brambling sat calling in canopy of mid Billinge Plants 0740 hrs, then in flight eastwards.

April 19th … 2 Ravens circling over top of Shaley Brow 0820 hrs, calling repeatedly, then drifting W or NW; first Swallow back at Beacon Farm on Billinge Hill; female Wheatear on W side of Billinge Plants; Tree Pipit flew high N calling over Billinge Hill at 0904 hrs; 6+ singing Willow Warblers around the Hill.

April 21st … Raven high SE, with rolling display, over N end Billinge Plants 11.10 hrs.

April 23rd … Endothenia marginana moth emerged from Teasel heads collected in Billinge Hill landfill on 3rd March.

April 28th … best and most prolonged views I've ever had, of stunning male Redstart below the beacon on Billinge Hill, between 0740 and 0945 hrs; spent much time foraging on the ground like a chat!!; 2 Grasshopper Warblers together, flushed at a couple of feet range in an area of rank herbage and Raspberry scrub, etc, just SW of Billinge Hill, 0840 hrs; they were right by a pathway, and flew only a couple of yards into a separate stand of Raspberry.  No song, and not seen again in over an hour; only my second record on the Hill.

April 29th … Raven(s) calling repeatedly for about 30-35 mins somewhere in mid Billinge Plants mid pm; not seen.

May 1st … Sedge Warbler in same Raspberry scrub as the groppers.  I'd been stood on the same pathway for about 10 mins, when it popped up in front of me.  A sustained bout of pishing only produced one more quick appearance in about 30 mins.  A first for me on the Hill.  Tenanted case of Coleophora luscinaeapennella moth on Sallow at SW corner of Billinge Plants.


Best regards,

Chris Darbyshire.


  1. Hi Chris, are any of Grasshopper/Sedge Warbler and Redstart likely to hang around? Can you be more specific of the whereabouts- anywhere near the midden pile or towards Houghwood golf perimeter?cheers!

  2. Hi Andrew, I think Chris's sighting of the warblers are from early in the morning in the scrub area beneath the beacon as you walk toward the bench. This area certainly looks like a good migrant trap too as I've had spotted flycatcher there before as well a few unidentified warblers!

    Paul B

  3. Hi Paul is that the bench at the top of the rd going towards bottom of Billinge? If it is I agree, it looks a prime location!

  4. You are correct Andrew, though the technique is to stay still for hours at a time and hope that a dog walker or mountain biker goes past!

    Paul B