Moss Lane area

There were birds everywhere along Moss Lane this morning and the song and calls of either skylark, corn bunting, lapwing, reed bunting, and yellowhammer could be heard almost all the time.

The wheatear where in the ploughed field near the pylons, and the redwing were in the tall hedge next to the sheep paddock.

Wheatear 2m
Redwing 4
Grey Partridge 1
Oystercatcher 4 (2 in the ploughed field opposite the rugby club and two near Sadler's Lane)
Meadow Pipit 8+
Linnet 6
Reed Bunting 3+
Stock Dove 1
Sparrowhawk 1
Tree Sparrow 10+ at Sadler's Lane
Skylark, lapwing, yellowhammer everywhere

Corn Bunting

Wheatear (I hope that's the right type of barbed wire in the background!)

Corn Bunting Video

Damian P


  1. I believe the BTO would be interested in your Redwing sighting. They get lots of reports when the first winter Thrushes arrive in autumn but very few about late departing birds.


  2. Thanks Dave, I'll look into how to report them. Paul and I saw some redwing the other day up on Billinge Hill the other day, and Paul saw lots of fieldfare along Red Barn Road today as well so I'll let him know too.