Billinge Hill Midden pile

Hi, ive not posted for ages and have left a message with Colin on occasionally birding! I.m 99% poss=itive ive just seen a male stonechat at the midden pile between the hill and Houghwood just off the muddy path. It allowe me to get quite close, 15-20 yards and kept hiding behing little grassy tussocks. Eventually it flew towards the hill. Ive never seen one before but recognised it straight away. Only other alternative is Whinchat but I read theyre summer visitors?

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  1. Hi Andrew, that's a great find in St Helens. As you say its too early for whinchat and there's not much else that looks like a stonechat. Juvenile robins are similar but again it's too early in the year. I believe that stonechats used to be seen in the fields across from Eccleston Mere and at Prescot Resevoirs but not for a few years. I had a possible one once at Eccleston Mere but I don't really count it - see here...