Ravenhead Linkway Ponds and Eccleston Mere

Ravenhead Linkway Ponds

25+ Canada Geese on the Tesco Traffic island this morning. With the roads being quiet the Geese had confidently ventured onto the island. Later in the afternoon there were 50+ Cananda Geese on the Linkway Ponds and grass verges next to the ponds. Also a 35+ flock of Black Headed Gulls as well as Mallard, Moorhens and Coots. Also seen one Raven overhead and quite apt being the location it was.

Eccleston Mere 3pm

1 Goldeneye (male)
10 Tufted Duck
4 Pochard (2 male and 2 female)
1 Little Grebe
1 Kingfisher
4 Grey Heron
1 Snipe ( flushed from the ditch near the Gold Course in the section past the stream near to where the new pond is on the Golf Course. )

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