Mooch about the Mosses

A slightly out of area trip to Kirby Moss with Damian P produced a few good sightings but also looked like a good spot for future birdwatching too.

Here are some selected highlights:
Many fieldfare
Willow tit
12 meadow pipits
7 Siskin
c70 pink-feet over

Interestingly there was a good looking scrape/pool which I have been told has hosted wood sandpiper, little ringed plover and gadwall in the past, though on this occasion held nothing.

I certainly be back though as this is the closest we have to scrape in the area, plus it has good mix of wet birch wood, wet grassland, gorse patches and views over towards the peat workings at Simonswood.

After that, a visit to New Cut Lane in the hope of last years immense (c30) brambling flock was a massive let down.

Last year's stubble and bare ground has been replaced by a winter sewn crop and therefore there was hardly a bird in sight due to lack of food. These modern crops are sprayed and thus any insects and wildflower seeds are not present.

Furthermore when the spring comes the crop will be way to tall for lapwings & skylarks to nest. Is it any wonder these two birds are in massive decline.

Not sure whether the sight of a group of lads with 2 Harris hawks helped the mood! I hope they had the landowners permission ......

After dropping off Damian I popped into Moss Lane which cheered me up immensely. First the field held about 30 lapwing and after a while I spotted a covey or two of grey partridge.

In the goat paddock were a large group of redwing plus greenfinch, yellowhammer and tree sparrow. Much better.

With the recent CAP reform being a bit underwhelming for farmland birds you do wonder what the future hold for birds such as these?

Paul B

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