*Whinchat* Dairy Farm Road - Old Coach Road Lap

I did a lap of the Rainford Mosslands this afternoon hoping to see the recent whimbrel. There was a bird in the last sheep field on the right but I'm not sure if it's a whimbrel or a curlew. The bill shape looks good for whimbrel on some photos but I'd expect the medial crown stripe to be visible on some of them and it isn't...

Bill shape looks ok to me for whimbrel on some of the photos...

But - no medial crown stripe...

And on this one, the bill looks distinctly curlewy..

I'm thinking this is a curlew but would be delighted if anyone says differently! Maybe it was too distant to see the crown stripe clearly?

Also today was this whinchat which was on the ploughed field on the left of the public footpath which runs from Inglenook Farm to Dairy Farm Road. It had me really confused because it was behaving a bit like a wheatear at first and was also quite distant and into the light. It was only when I got home that I worked out (via stonechat!) what it was...

Whinchat 1
Curlew? 1
Shelduck 2
Oysercatcher 3
Wheatear 2 (1m,1f)
Stock Dove 3
Whitethroat 5+ heard along the way
Blackcap 1 heard
Willow Warbler 2 heard
Chiffchaff 1 heard
Skylark 15+
Lapwing 25+

Damian P

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