Wildlife, the Law & Respect

Hi all,

Its at this time of the year when we suddenly need to think a little more carefully about posting sightings and photos of breeding birds.

By all means feel free to share information privately (especially with me!) but always be wary of putting the info out for all and sundry to see ..... there are still some unscrupulous people out there who trawl the internet for breeding bird info, only last week some peregrine eggs were stolen from a nest in the north west.

In regards to photography please respect the wildlife and remember that patience, understanding and good field craft will always trump unrestrained encroaching on a subject.  Wildlife is sensitive and disturbing nesting birds is an offence.


Paul B


  1. Hi Paul, well said but if I could just make one more point. Whilst it is very laudable and obviously the correct thing to do to keep quiet about rare breeding birds, we all need to remember that it is the act of disturbance that is the crime, not the act of telling somebody about the bird. The fact that a person has kept quiet about a rare breeding bird does not absolve them from guilt if they then go ahead and disturb the birds. Remember, you need a licence to photograph a schedule 1 bird during the breeding season, so for example if you keep quiet about a kingfisher nest, but then stake it out to get some good photographs, you are guilty of breaking the law.


  2. Well said Colin .... it's that exact behaviour that has led to me doing similar posts in the past.