Moss Lane

I've not been out for ages due to one thing or another, so it was nice to get out in the sunshine this afternoon. I met another birder who had just seen a merlin down there, but I didn't see it. There wasn't much around at first but the later I stayed out, the more things started to appear. I've never seen so many hare at once before, they were just chilling out in the evening sun.

Redwing 40+
Fieldfare 8+
Corn bunting 2 (kindly pointed out by another birder)
Meadow pipit 3
Goldcrest 1
Skylark 5+
Lapwing 15+
Starling 40+
Buzzard 1
Yellowhammer 10+

Two of the many hare around, the others were more distant.

Corn bunting

Fieldfare flock + lapwing.

A single redwing in the trees which I embarrassingly thought was a corn bunting on the back of the camera! 

This was as close as the flock of redwing got.

Brown Hare 10+

Damian P

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