Eccleston Mere

It was cold but bright around the mere this morning. Myself and Paul had a good look around, the Egyptian Goose being the highlight. It was very vocal and was calling for a bit before Paul got a view of it. By the time I'd sorted my camera out and found a gap in the hedge, it was miles off heading towards Prescot reservoirs. I'll put my photo up later, you can just about tell what it is with a bit of imagination!

Egyptian Goose 1
Teal 2
Little Grebe 3
Pochard 1m
GC Grebe 15
Gadwall 12
Willow tit 2
Kingfisher 1
Grey Wagtail 2
Reed Bunting 1
Siskin 5
Mute Swan 8
Coot 50
Sparrowhawk 1

This was the best one I got....!

At least you can see the huge wing panel.

Damian P


  1. Nice one Damian, that would be a new bird at the mere for me. I didn't see one in 20+ years! A few years back I did find an Egyptian goose with pink-feet in blindfoot lane, which I like to think came with them from Norfolk. Perhaps this one did as well, then got lost.

  2. Cheers Colin. It was Paul who got onto it. It was honking away behind us and he got a good view of it as it flew over the Mere. I think I'd have totally missed it.


  3. I'll have to dig my photo out, I think its a little better and may be able to rule out ruddy shelduck and cape shelduck! But I saw a pale neck and dark eye patch

    Paul B

  4. Unlucky with Egyptian Goose photo Paul. Why not join out two Facebook groups for Leigh Ornithological Society: and
We're also having an Open Day at Leigh Library next Saturday (30th Jan) for all those interested in birds and wildlife - why not come along? Full details are on our main website:

  5. Hi Martyn, I'd have been coming to this but I'm away next weekend unfortunately. I'll put a new post up though to let others know.