Carr Mill Dam & Surrounding Area

Saturday 18th July turned into a nice sunny day, so I decided to have a walk around Carr Mill Dam to see if any of the reported Common Terns were still present, and to see what other wildlife I could see. There where at least 5 terns still present, also a single Kingfisher, 3 Grey Wagtails (2ads 1juv) a Buzzard and good numbers of Great Crested Grebe, several of which had young, amongst other species that were seen. A variety of other species of several families were seen around the Dam, a selection of which are listed below.
8 species of butterfly were noted including:
White-letter Hairstreak (1 nectaring on bramble at N/West corner of Dam near 19 Arches) the first I've seen in St Helens since 1997
Red Admiral 1
Gatekeeper, several 
Small Skipper 4+
Comma 3
6 species of dragonfly including:
Emperor Dragonfly, male, first I've seen at this location
Brown Hawker 2
Emerald Damselfly 1, again first I've seen at this location
Plus lots of Common, Azure and Blue-tailed Damselflies.
Also seen was several species of bees including Red-tailed, Common Carder and Buff-tailed, also a Water Ladybird and several Harlequin Ladybirds, plus a Black and Yellow Longhorn Beetle and 2 Ruby-tailed Wasps (first I've ever seen), also 5 Terrapins were basking in the sun on a fallen tree branch in the water north of the 19 arches (possibly Red-eared?)
Ray Banks    

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  1. Fantastic sightings and records Ray! Have you submitted them to BioBank?