Moss Lane

The fieldfare and redwing were a lot more settled today, there were about 10 of each on the berry bushes around the sheep paddock, I didn't see any flocks overhead today. A bit further on there were 7 corn bunting at the top of a tree. They're the first I've seen there for a while but they're much harder to find when they're not singing. The starling numbers seem to have decreased, only about 400 there today mixing with a flock of around 100 jackdaw. I had another glimpse of a stoat/weasel but it saw me before I saw it and refused to come back out of the undergrowth despite me waiting there for ages!

Corn Bunting 7
Redwing 10
Fieldfare 10
Reed Bunting 1
Tree Sparrow 1
Meadow Pipit 1 over
Pied Wagtail 8
Yellowhammer 8
Kestrel 1
Starling 400
Jackdaw 100

Damian P


  1. Where is Moss lane , is it a good area for getting close to Fieldfares and Redwings? Im at Billinge!

  2. Hi Andrew, it's just off the Lancs near Windle Island -

    You could probably get close to the redwing/fieldfare but you'd have to be very patient/lucky. I tend to park on the grass verge just after the gates to the rugby club. You can then walk all the way down Moss Lane, along Windle Brook, and the to Sadlers Lane and over to Blind Foot Road if you want. (click the ordnance survey map on the above link)

    The best place to see the redwing/fieldfare is in the bushes around the sheep paddock which is on the right at the start of Moss Lane. The corn bunting are normally in the hedges after the sharp bend to the left or in the tall trees, but they're difficult to spot when they're not calling/singing. You shouldn't have any trouble finding yellowhammer around there. Good luck, Damian.

  3. I was down Moss Lane yesterday afternoon but only had a couple each of Redwing/Fieldfare around the sheep paddock. I had better luck with the Corn Buntings though and think I had more than 10 but could have had some Linnet mixed in. As you said big numbers of Jackdaw and Starling but I also had a few Rook's as well on the electricity wires.