Eccleston Mere

It was quite windy around the Mere this morning, I just managed to get back to the car before the rain started. The fieldfare was in the car park of the Mere, the best view I've ever had of one. The redpoll were in the hedge just past the water outlet on the right.

The last two times I've been to the Mere, I've seen a black-headed gull with a partly grey head. It looks like it's in transition between winter and summer plumage but I'm not sure if it's early or late!

Fieldfare 1
Lesser Redpoll 2
Goldeneye 1 male
Cormorant 2
Teal 1
Pochard 1 male

Damian P


  1. I'm envious of your Redpoll shots.

  2. Thanks! The birds seem to have been posing for me recently!